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Best Kodi Addons For Live TV


In Kodi, Live TV concept has been introduced to overcome the problem faced by the users for watching TV and paying more money for it.  There are multiple addons to watch your desired content. But most of the addons won’t get updated regularly. You may find a working list of Best Kodi addons here. In this article we will be covering the addons which are meant for watching live TV and live Sports.

Best Live TV Kodi addons

  1. Deliverance
  2. UK Turk Playlists
  3. FTFA
  4. Skynet
  5. cCloud


Deliverance is considered to be the best and great Live TV addon for watching Live TV Shows. In general, Live Sports, Live TV, Live Documentaries, Live kids shows are present at all Live TV addons. But Deliverance addon has one special category called World CCTV. If we get inside into World CCTV, we can see a lot of Live cameras fixed on the street side, important areas and you can watch the live incidents quickly. In World CCTV, there are 250 Live CCTV cameras are available to access.

 UK Turk Playlists

Uk Turk Playlists is simply a most popular and best Live TV addon for all the users. It is a recommended addon for all the users. There are more than 100 channels are available in the Live TV section. All the contents are working very well without any issues. So many interesting categories are available in this addon namely Cartoons, Documentaries, Stand Up Comedy, Concerts, Radio, CCTV, Fitness, Food Porn, Movies and TV Shows, and lots more. Suppose, If we take Cartoons, we can see a lot of interesting cartoons live shows and events. Simply we say it is all in one addon.


FTFA is likely to be a cool Live TV addon. It has been developed by Brettus and available in the Brettus repository. It mainly focused on Live TV. It has five different types of servers to stream the Live TV Channels. In that, 3 servers are available from Uk and 2 servers are available from US. The servers which are active is indicated by “online”. You have to click on the active servers to watch your favorite Live TV Channels.


Skynet is yet another great and popular Live TV kodi addon. It is available from the Maverick repository. It is all in one kodi addon and having a lot of media are available for streaming. Its database is huge and contains various categories namely Skynet Online Movies, Supremacy TV Shows, Maverick TV, Supremacy, Skynet Sports, Skynet new releases, Skynet IPTV, Skynet TV Boxsets, Skynet 4k UHD, and lots more. In this addon, you can see the normal videos as well as the Ultra HD Videos which are available in the Skynet 4K UHD category.


cCloud is one of the best and remarkable Live TV addons. It has a large database and contains more than 15 different types of categories which includes All Channels, Filmon, English, Top 10, Sports, News, Entertainment, Movies, Music, Lifestyle, and much more. If you take Movies section, It has a list of Live Movies which have been recently released. The Search, Server status are the extra categories available in this addon. The Search engine is used to find our favorite easily.


Out of all the Live TV addons, we take only the best Live TV addons and provide it for you. The above Live TV addons are simply good and regularly updated one. Hope you surely install and enjoy this addon. If you have queries, Kindly do let us know via comments.

How To Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl With Silhouette Cameo?


What goes perfectly with Silhouette Cameo? Which is the perfect material to use with the tool?

These two rank among the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Silhouette Cameo. The answer varies, but not much. Heat Transfer vinyl is the choice that most experts make in this regard.


Because of the various advantages of heat transfer vinyl. It has incredible versatility, comes in all sorts of colors, and even as smooth, flocked or glittery! This vinyl can stick to cotton, polyester or blends. Simply put – you can decorate whichever items tickle your fancy.

The instruments that you would need:

To use the heat transfer vinyl in conjunction to Silhouette Cameo, you need a few items: a Silhouette Cameo machine, heat transfer material, the fabric you want to decorate (which can be anything), and an iron.

Cutting the vinyl:

The very first thing that you need to do is cut the vinyl according to your design. The design can be anything, if your Silhouette Cameo can cut it. However, for starters, a simple design should be the first choice. Dabbling with intricate design is best left for the experienced hand.

Watch This Video To Know More:

Creating a mirror image:

Cutting the heat transfer vinyl using a Silhouette Cameo machine needs a few steps to be completed. The first step among them is to flip the material to a mirror image. The process is quite simple in itself. After loading the design into the Silhouette Studio software, you can flip it by selecting the graphics menu. Then click on “Replicate” and choose either of the two options – Mirror right or left.

And voila, you have successfully mirrored copy of your design!

Loading the material:

You can load the material directly into Silhouette machine, or you can use a cutting made. If you are opting the direct root, then remember to set the rollers accordingly. Then place the material on the machine and select “Load Media” on the software.


The next step needs you to click on the cut settings icon and select “heat transfer vinyl.” Then simply change the depth of the blade in the proper setting menu and press “Cut.” Your work is done.

To come close to your design, you may have to trim the heat transfer vinyl. Most only cut through the plastic backing, forgetting the material. This, as you can understand, is a big “No-No.” You can even use the Silhouette hook tool to weed out a smaller piece or just pull it off.

Final Touch:

When all is done, you have your design. Only the last step remains. As you have used “Mirror” technique before the cut, your image or text will now face the correct way. After weeding the smaller pieces or extra vinyl, merely put the material on your project. Just remember to put the plastic backing side up.

And thus, your project is done!

The Greatest Guitar Solos Of All Time


Every guitarist and fan has an opinion on what the greatest guitar solos in the world are and all of them have their own reasons for their choices. There are thousands of wonderfully composed solos and each is spectacular and unparalleled in its own way. This article tries to narrow them down to the five greatest solos ever made that remain will remain iconic and revered for all time.

1: “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” (Jimmy Page) – Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV, 1971:
Stairway to Heaven can be considered the greatest guitar solo of all time. The song was built around the central theme of “the quest of salvation”; the melancholy guitar riff gains and rushes with a forward momentum resulting in an epic solo.
The solo was the child of guitar god Jimmy Page. The song was featured in Led Zeppelins’ album, LED ZEPPELIN IV. What made the iconic solo the greatest were the underlying harmonic functions that led the main section of the song to the uplifting hard rock solo. The outro-guitar lead connected the dots of the song by leading back to the songs first melancholic impression. Using melodious lead lines and improvised notes (during the recordings), Jimmy Page made what can only be called “The greatest solo in the history of rock.”

2: “FREE BIRD” (Allen Collins, Gary Rossington) – Lynyrd Skynyrd:
The best melodies come from small, short moments of inspiration. Free Bird, may be one of the best solos that came out of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s whole career. What was a product of endless jamming and noodling resulted in a 9 minute long track that broke every concept of a classic rock tune. The song features some killer riffs, some extremely technical guitar licks and melodies. Allen Collins and Gary Rossington did justice to the chords they soloed over. The song became one of the longest songs in the history of rock and roll. Even though, the bands’ record labels plead them to shorten the song, they did not. This resulted in the iconic 9 minute track that was free bird.

3:COMFORTABLY NUMB” (David Gilmour) – Pink Floyd the Wall, 1979:
Comfortably numb is one of the best songs on the Pink Floyd playlist. The song is a joint effort between David Gilmour’s music, Roger Waters’s lyrics and Bob Ezrin’s orchestral chart. The song is minimalistic but it resonates strongly with its theme. The solo reflects and accentuates the story of the song. Gilmour’s effortless playing which prefers simplicity to complexity, and the subtle musicality makes this solo one of the best guitar solos ever to have been conceptualised.

4: “HOTEL CALIFORNIA” (Don Felder, Joe Walsh) – The Eagles Hotel California, 1976:
One of the most iconic songs in the repertoire of Eagles, Don Fender and Joe Walsh, played one of their greatest solos on the song that would define the Eagles careers. The song, though starts off slow-paced, as the verses end, both guitarists leap into a dual guitar solo where one plays the lead line and the other plays the harmony. The song permanently set Joe Walsh and Don Felder into forces to be reckoned with.

5 Unknown Facts about Ashlee Simpson


Ashlee Simpson, her birth name spelled ‘Ashley’, is a popular singer and song writer and the younger sister of super star Jessica Simpson. She was born on Oct 3rd 1984 to a home maker mom and psychologist plus Baptist youth minister dad and hence, grew up in a household with high religious values. While her elder sister excelled at singing from an early age, Ashlee was more of a dancer. Even so, not being able to shy away from her sister’s spotlight, she too embraced music at a young age and went on to star in a musical and gain thousands of fans.
In this article we have listed out 5 interesting and unknown facts about this lesser known Simpson sister.

Unlike her pop star princess sister, Ashley was an acclaimed dancer that began practising classical ballet at the tender age of three. At 11 she went on to enrol at the School of Ballet in New York City and was the youngest student ever admitted there. However, Ballet is a very difficult and competitive field that took quite a toll on her, which leads us to our next fact

Ballet is a field that requires its dancers to be slender and petite and these expectations weighed Ashley down and led to her suffering from anorexia for a good couple of months. Surrounded by girls who refused to eat and were battling with eating disorders, she too soon fell prey to it and started dropping all the pounds until she weighed only 70 lbs. at her thinnest. Today she says it was solely because of her family’s intervention and forced attempts to make her eat that she survived and got to a healthy weight again.

Ashlee kicked off her acting career by guest starring on an episode of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ in 2004 and then went on to earn a role in ‘The hot chick’.
In 2002 she was given a major role on ‘7th Heaven’ which she starred in till 2004.
From 2004 to 2005 she starred in her own show that was titled ‘The Ashlee Simpson’ show and followed her life and music career. Her gig in the film ‘Undiscovered’ in the year 2002 was a flop and the film bombed at the box office. She further went on to guest star in ‘CSI: NY’, play a part in ‘Melrose Place’ and voice the character Strelka for the movie ‘Space dogs: Adventure to the moon’ in the year 2014.

Due to an acid reflux disease, Ashlee was advised to lip sync during her Saturday Night Live performance. However just as she was all set to perform, the wrong vocal track started playing and she got caught. She had to walk off the stage in embarrassment and soon began to be known as the ‘Lip sync girl’. The world made fun of her and her career turned into a joke. This incident was often termed the ‘Beginning of the end’ of the Ashlee Simpson the world knew and loved.


With her natural blond locks and the many facial procedures done, many people felt Ashlee was trying to look like her elder sister. However, the minute she dyed her hair black, she got attention from the media for a different reason. People started calling her an ‘Anti Jessica’ with her dark hair and alternative sound. She even got vocal about it in songs like ‘Shadow’ where she sang about her beautiful older sister who seemed to have everything and how hard it was to live in the shadow of someone else’s dream.