If you are working for a multi-national corporation and a consumer of marijuana, you are most probable for a drug test. A Drug test is something which can lead to your expulsion from your dream job even if you consume marijuana occasionally.

Many companies perform a drug test for their employees to detect THC compound in their system to find out the drug consumers working within the organization. If you love your job and also want to continue marijuana consumption by remaining undetected, synthetic urine is the best option for you. Synthetic urine is basically a fake urine which can be used to pass a drug test going undetected. Synthetic urine imitates a real urine sample. The synthetic urine is clean and does not contain the THC compound which is the core psychoactive drug compound found in marijuana or cannabis.

So you should definitely read these reviews about the synthetic urine product before purchasing the fake urine sample to get ready for a drug test.

Why you need a synthetic urine sample?

Synthetic urine is nothing but a fake urine sample which is used for the sole purpose of passing a drug test. If you love marijuana and you do not to want lose your dream job, synthetic urine is the best option which can help you through this dilemma. A Synthetic urine is manufactured with such a perfection and accuracy which make its features exactly like an original urine. Synthetic urine sample can simply imitate as your urine sample for a drug test.

TCH is the core psychoactive drug compound which the professionals seek in your urine and if you have occasionally consumed marijuana some days before the drug test the drug test will indicate the presence of the TCH drug compound in your urine sample and eventually you will be fired from your organization. To prevent this calamity you should definitely use synthetic urine sample and all you would have to do is, fill the sample cup using the synthetic urine instead of your urine but this can be a little risky if you are under supervision.

How to prepare for a drug test?

Drug test, the name itself is as much as scary as its consequences. But you don’t have to worry because you can easily pass a drug test with a little practice and a bit of a luck. The following things which you require to evade from a drug test are:

Synthetic urine: The first and the only thing you require to prepare for a drug test is the synthetic urine. Synthetic urine is the core element to your rescue from being detected. You should buy a synthetic urine brand which is well known in the market for proven results. You should read these reviews about the synthetic urine before making a purchase to successfully evade being undetected. Your synthetic urine sample should comprise of all the necessary chemicals and components which are also present in the original urine. Such that your urine sample can exactly imitate an original urine sample.

How to prepare a synthetic urine sample?

The following steps which you need to follow to create the best fake urine sample are:

  1. First, you need to order or buy the best synthetic urine sample in the market which comprises all the necessary chemicals and compounds which resembles an Original urine sample.
  2. Then you need to open the synthetic urine packet and you have to read the Instructions indicated in the manual with the product.
  3. First, you would have to take out the lukewarm transparent solution and then you would have to add the chemicals such as urea and uric acid to the lukewarm solution.
  4. Then add the contents to the synthetic urine bottle and heat the contents of the bottle in the microwave for several seconds.
  5. Then take out the synthetic urine bottle and check the PH of the solution using a PH measuring device. The PH of the solution should range from 4.6 to 8 only.
  6. Then check the urea level and creatine level. The presence of creatine is essential in a urine sample and the presence of uric acid should also be done because uric acid presence confirms the legitimacy as an original urine.
  7. You can also confirm the specific gravity of the liquid using a hydrometer.
  8. the most important characteristic is the temperature of the urine sample the temperature of the synthetic urine should be approximately equal to the temperature of the body which is 32°C to 38°C.

How to deliver the synthetic urine sample?

Now to pass the drug test you would have to carry the synthetic urine on you before the commencement of the test, you would have to keep the synthetic urine warm all the time for that you can use a warmer which will keep the temperature of the synthetic urine sample close to your body’s temperature. A belt is provided with many synthetic urine products which can be worn around pubic area so that you can keep the sample closer to your genitals. You can also keep the sample in your underwear to keep the sample warm. You can easily deliver the sample if there is no supervision around but if there is supervision the delivering of the sample can be a little tricky and you may need a fake penis through which you can deliver the synthetic urine. A thin urine bag for containing synthetic urine is available for females which can be inserted into the vagina and is used for delivering the sample under supervision.

There are numerous synthetic urine products in the market and the most of them are nothing more than a fake. You should buy a synthetic urine sample after reading these reviews about the product and you should scrutinize every aspect of the synthetic urine before purchasing it because your future depends upon the synthetic urine sample. A Synthetic urine sample should be always purchased from a proven and trusted source only because you are one mistake away from losing your dream job. The synthetic urine sample should be delivered carefully and skillfully to the cup so that you do not get caught under supervision.


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