People always have had fantasies to consume diets that can have positive on their sexual prowess. An aphrodisiac commonly known as love drug is a substance that increases libido levels upon consumption and is distinct from the substances that address sexual issues. Basically, two main categories of aphrodisiacs are there: one is used to attract a hot guy or a girl that you have an eye on and other being to enhance sexual prowess and pleasure. Some of the ingredients used are derived from herbs and plant extracts like Gingko, Ginseng and Oatmeal among other common plants. My aphrodisiacs offer a variety of products related towards increasing sexual pleasure and intercourse satisfaction in general.

Vitamin and Nutrient Aphrodisiacs:

  • Vitamin C: Hormones and Sperm
    • It supplies spurts of energy for endurance and a mechanism for positive change in muscles and libido levels.
    • Progesterone, oestrogen and androgen are the hormones produced at constant levels to enhance sex drive.
    • Vitamin C stimulates more sperm production that improves the chances of fertilisation.
  • Magnesium: Sex Drive
    • Magnesium is essential for sex hormones of oestrogen and androgen along with neurotransmitters of dopamine and norepinephrine.
    • It stimulates these endurance and triggers brain to crave intimacy.
  • Vitamin E: Sex Vitamin
    • It maximises the flow of oxygen and blood flow in the libido for more sexual pleasure.
    • It makes individuals look lot younger, revitalize energy and glows the skin along with disappearance of wrinkles is banked by my aphrodisiacs.
    • It creates a great desire for men to experience orgasm and for women, it makes them full of life and willing to mate for the emotional link felt.

Plant Aphrodisiacs:

  • Kava Kava: Improves Hormonal Health
    • It’s a small shrub known for producing tranquil behaviour upon consumption and gives an extreme state of relaxation and calmness to the body.
    • It is also known to treat anxiety and ensures the proper operation of hormones for desire and pleasure.
  • Oregano Aphrodisiac: Sensuality Food
    • It creates a positive impact like releasing of dopamine, keeping the senses active and are usually meant for consumption orally.
    • It stimulates steady blood flow and makes the heart pump better for accelerated energy. It is also linked to urge sexual desires partly because of the vitamin E it constitutes.
  • Ginger Aphrodisiac
    • It maintains a healthy blood flow and is an integral part of the diet as it helps gain blood flow across genitals for men.
    • Also maintains a good sperm count and coats the digestive tract to cause the body to eliminate the wastes.
    • It is although not a strong aphrodisiac but can be most effective when consumed along with substances like ginseng which affect arousal levels.

Fruits and Vegetable Aphrodisiacs:

  • Onion Aphrodisiac: Cheap and Appetizing
    • It’s known to stimulate sex thoughts and improves the blood circulation to the libido.
    • Selenium and Zinc found in onions kick start the flow of testosterone and also other vitamins are present in it.
    • Also, it has Vitamin E which is known as sex drug and Vitamin B fuels the oxygen through genitals and whereas C makes the blood vessels stronger.
  • Strawberry Aphrodisiac: Love Fruit
    • It is known as the most sensual fruit and can be allowed to arouse a person by placing them around with their alluring nature.
    • Serve as an excellent seducer for foreplay by dipping them into chocolate and other tasty treats and its red nature generates sexual interest among both partners.
    • They just light up the match for oestrogens and testosterones and is regardless of the gender and age but can generate a huge flow of sexual hormones.
  • Avocado’s Aphrodisiacs
    • They are associated to sexuality not only based on their appearance but also by the endorphins that they release by their flavour. It is partly believed to promote intimacy.
    • The presence of Vitamin E, magnesium and beta carotene actually contributes to high sexual proclivity. It also has more potassium compared to banana which is again a lead to good intercourse.
    • With Vitamin E it also acts as an intimacy stimulant among over the counter environment.

Animal Aphrodisiacs:

  • Balut: Strange Aphrodisiac
    • It’s full of calcium and proteins which is really good for you. With about 180 calories in each serving, it stimulates more energy among people.
    • It’s a good conductor of body heat and gets the blood pumped faster compared to iron and claims to get the person sweatier which inclines to get the person to desire for more sex.
    • It has also been used to increase the stamina and performance ratio for men and endorphins are believed to be behind the sex drive increase.
  • Spanish Fly: Unusual Aphrodisiac
    • Want to have some fantastic mind blowing intercourse, my aphrodisiac offers you with Spanish fly that can deliver the job for you.
    • It increases libido in men and also cause women to be more likely to be ready to mate with a suitable male. Also found in many of the sexual supplements.
    • It is mixed with vitamin and natural ingredients and thereby increases sexual appetite to be considered as love drug for males.
    • The cantharides present makes the women feel more heat wanting and gives out sexual temptations more frequently.

Product Aphrodisiacs:

  • Coffee: A Daily Aphrodisiac
    • Consumed by millions each day it has been shown that it is very affective to increase intimacy levels as it fires several receptors for happiness and cravings.
    • Caffeine is linked to enhance the stamina and provides a surge of energy in both the genders. With its functionality to increase dopamine production for pleasure and helps to overcome ecstasy and is addictive when you have your partner radiating the same energy.

Use of aphrodisiacs have been relatively common since the ancient times and studies have been indicating its benefits. My aphrodisiacs provides you with comprehensive data and analysis of each important ingredient to enhance sexual appetite. Societies may consider love making as a taboo but the use of aphrodisiacs have been found even in most conservative societies too.


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