Fun College Music Festivals

Many college students work hard all semester and need to blow off a little steam. If you are a college student, you may need to blow off a little steam during the semester or you may need a little boost or pep to help you through the year. This is why it can help to know some of the top music festivals in your college area. Indeed, each college will have its own music festival. It may not be the official music festival, but it may be the main one that all of the students go to during a certain time of year. Most music festivals happen during the summer when it is hot outside and it can be a lot of fun to let go and play in the mud for three or four days.

Here are five fun of college music festivals.

  1. Ivies Weekend

This is a music festival that happens every year in Brunswick, Maine and it is the go-to festival for students going to Bowdoin College. It is called Ivies because it is really the main festival for the surrounding Ivy League colleges in the New England area. You don’t really need to go to Bowdoin to fit in during Ivies Weekend, which occurs during the early springtime.

  1. Spring Fling

If you are looking for another Ivy League music festival, you may want to check out Spring Fling, which happens at Yale, in New Haven, Connecticut. Spring Fling is one of the bigger college music festivals because it is located in an area that is easily accessible to a lot of different colleges. Indeed, you could be going to NYC or Columbia and still be able to attend this festival – all it would take is a quick train ride.

  1. Frozen Harbor

If you are going to University or another college in the area, you may want to attend the Frozen Harbor music festival. This festival is usually held in February – during the colder months of the year. This is why it is called Frozen Harbor – the water is usually ripe for ice-skating during this time of the fair.  Despite the cold, the Frozen Harbor music festival is generally one of the most fun college music festivals and it is relatively affordable to attend.

  1. W.I.L.D

The W.I.L.D music festival happens every year in the fall around St. Louis, Missouri. If you go to Washington University or another college in the area, you may attend this festival. What’s so fun about W.I.L.D? Despite its fun name, the W.I.L.D music festival is usually very well organized, so you get a mix of good food and great music. Some of the biggest acts of the last few years have made an appearance at this festival.

  1. Spring Fest

The is a music festival located around the USC campus, which makes it perfectly situated and close enough for college students from multiple different colleges, from Pepperdine in Malibu to UCLA and beyond. In the end, it isn’t so much the distance as it is about the music, and Spring Fest is known for booking some amazing acts.

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