In Kodi, Live TV concept has been introduced to overcome the problem faced by the users for watching TV and paying more money for it.  There are multiple addons to watch your desired content. But most of the addons won’t get updated regularly. You may find a working list of Best Kodi addons here. In this article we will be covering the addons which are meant for watching live TV and live Sports.

Best Live TV Kodi addons

  1. Deliverance
  2. UK Turk Playlists
  3. FTFA
  4. Skynet
  5. cCloud


Deliverance is considered to be the best and great Live TV addon for watching Live TV Shows. In general, Live Sports, Live TV, Live Documentaries, Live kids shows are present at all Live TV addons. But Deliverance addon has one special category called World CCTV. If we get inside into World CCTV, we can see a lot of Live cameras fixed on the street side, important areas and you can watch the live incidents quickly. In World CCTV, there are 250 Live CCTV cameras are available to access.

 UK Turk Playlists

Uk Turk Playlists is simply a most popular and best Live TV addon for all the users. It is a recommended addon for all the users. There are more than 100 channels are available in the Live TV section. All the contents are working very well without any issues. So many interesting categories are available in this addon namely Cartoons, Documentaries, Stand Up Comedy, Concerts, Radio, CCTV, Fitness, Food Porn, Movies and TV Shows, and lots more. Suppose, If we take Cartoons, we can see a lot of interesting cartoons live shows and events. Simply we say it is all in one addon.


FTFA is likely to be a cool Live TV addon. It has been developed by Brettus and available in the Brettus repository. It mainly focused on Live TV. It has five different types of servers to stream the Live TV Channels. In that, 3 servers are available from Uk and 2 servers are available from US. The servers which are active is indicated by “online”. You have to click on the active servers to watch your favorite Live TV Channels.


Skynet is yet another great and popular Live TV kodi addon. It is available from the Maverick repository. It is all in one kodi addon and having a lot of media are available for streaming. Its database is huge and contains various categories namely Skynet Online Movies, Supremacy TV Shows, Maverick TV, Supremacy, Skynet Sports, Skynet new releases, Skynet IPTV, Skynet TV Boxsets, Skynet 4k UHD, and lots more. In this addon, you can see the normal videos as well as the Ultra HD Videos which are available in the Skynet 4K UHD category.


cCloud is one of the best and remarkable Live TV addons. It has a large database and contains more than 15 different types of categories which includes All Channels, Filmon, English, Top 10, Sports, News, Entertainment, Movies, Music, Lifestyle, and much more. If you take Movies section, It has a list of Live Movies which have been recently released. The Search, Server status are the extra categories available in this addon. The Search engine is used to find our favorite easily.


Out of all the Live TV addons, we take only the best Live TV addons and provide it for you. The above Live TV addons are simply good and regularly updated one. Hope you surely install and enjoy this addon. If you have queries, Kindly do let us know via comments.


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