meditate with music

Do you know how to meditate with music? Do you know it? Music can make you happy and if you have sleep problems, it can also help you sleep better. It can help you eliminate stress, forget problems, and still has a lot of beneficial properties.

In the increasingly stressful life we ​​lead, it is clear that to survive and not go out of our minds, we need to find time for ourselves every now and then. And why not use this time to meditate? Maybe helped by the right meditation, music allows us to estrange ourselves from our daily problems and rediscover and reactivate the positive energy within us.

How to meditate with music?

A little later, we will see why and how to meditate, but now let’s try to understand its meaning. Stopping the mind for a long time and with an intense spiritual concentration on an object of thought, deeply considering a problem, a topic, especially of a religious, moral, philosophical, scientific nature, to understand its essence, investigate it. Nature, or draw developments, consequences … stop thinking about any problem that engages the intellect … Reflect.

Yet trying to stop for a few minutes today becomes increasingly fundamental for our psychophysical well-being.

Meditation music: how to meditate by choosing the right music

Many ambient or new-age music pieces can be used as a background to start a meditation session. By clicking here, you can get an idea of ​​how much music is useful for this purpose.

We have already discussed how music can help you sleep better with the Marconi Union song.  Here! This piece, for example, is considered by scholars to be one of the most relaxing in the world.

Why does music help meditation?

Music has incredible effects on our minds. Think about it for a moment: there is music that can relax us, give us energy, and even bring out emotions so strong that they make us cry.

By combining meditation with the right music, we can then go and relax completely, breaking down our levels of anxiety and stress to reach in a deeper way that connection with ourselves that I was talking about a little while ago.

Some studies have claimed that listening to music can also help our body heal faster. A study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital has instead shown that combining the practice of meditation with music helps increase the density of the gray matter of the hippocampus. This leads to improvements in our way of reacting to stress while also increasing our learning faculties and our memory.

There are numerous studies conducted on the benefits of music and meditation on our body and they all converge towards some common results:

  • Decreases stress
  • We sleep better
  • The sleep-wake rhythm is rebalanced
  • Increases our concentration
  • We are more empathetic
  • Improves our internal balance and our interpersonal relationships.

Therefore, there are no doubts: meditating and doing it with music that calms our mind, improves our health, and allows us to live a more peaceful and balanced life.

The sounds of nature as meditation music

Certain music is appropriate for meditation as it can help the mind slow down and start the relaxation process. However, quiet or New Age music doesn’t always work for everyone. Music, in fact, without a defined formal structure, for some, can be irritating or even disturbing. Calm music with a familiar melody can be more comforting.

The sounds of nature that are often incorporated into CDs made specifically for relaxation, such as the sound of water, are soothing for some people. They help evoke calming images, such as lying down by a mountain stream on a warm spring day. Bird singing can be helpful in helping the mind slow down and chase away stressful thoughts.

How to meditate with classical music

But if we don’t like ambient music as meditation music, we can also take refuge in classical music to meditate.

The important thing is that the meditation music that we put in the background is instrumental music or, if sung, is sung in a language we do not know, which could be Latin for example, so as not to be able to follow the text and let ourselves be distracted by our meditation and our mental relaxation phase.

Each of us must look for “his” relaxing music, the right one, the one that creates a sense of calm, familiarity and concentration in him.

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