Guide to learning to play the guitar

In today’s post, we will see a guide to learning to play the guitar in an orderly and progressive manner. These tips for learning guitar can be carried out point by point or according to the needs you have.

Steps in order to learn to play the guitar:

Know The Position Of The Guitar

The first point if you want to learn to play the guitar is to know how to hold the guitar.

Do You Know The Name Of The Strings?

Learn the steps to play the guitar

Second, if you want to know how to play guitar you have to know the open strings. You should know that the guitar has 6 strings, which are counted from the bottom up, and that they are MI-SI-G-RE-LA-MI.

Tune Your Guitar

Knowing how to tune the guitar is also important when learning the guitar. You can tune by ear, or with a clip-on tuner (they are very cheap). If you are more modern, with your Smartphone you can download an application like GuitarTuna.

Learn To Read Tablature And Then Sheet Music

As we learn some notes, we may need to learn to read sheet music, something very useful that will help you in your learning in the long run.

Learning to read sheet music isn’t strictly necessary in the early stages, so don’t worry for now. You can learn to play the guitar also by reading the tablature which is much easier.

Learn To Play The Guitar With Easy Melodies

When we are interested in learning guitar, what comes to mind is someone strumming and singing a song. However, before learning how to do this, I recommend playing a few picks on the guitar.

Playing plucks means making single notes of the guitar sound to create melodies, they are not rhythms or strumming but it is something basic that we must learn to get used to making music and to become familiar with the instrument in a simple way.

There are three basic techniques when plucking: finger pulling, supporting, and guitar playing with a pick.

Develop Your Finger Agility

At this point, it is important to perform exercises that help us to have more agility while we are playing the points above. Here I leave you a free 7-day course where I help you to have more ease in your fingers.

Know Your Mistakes While Learning Guitar

When you are already in the process of playing various melodies with plucking, you will notice that there are some that come out better than others.

AND EYE! as we will still be on the way to learning to play the guitar and above all, being self-taught, we will have many mistakes at the beginning so we have to be our own teachers and check what mistakes we make in the right and left hand as we progress.

Learn The 3 Beginner Scales

When you’ve been playing the basic notes of the 6 strings for a while with some songs on the first frets, it’s time to learn some guitar scales.

Have A Practice Routine Even If It Is VERY Short

Once we know how to pluck and know some basic chords, it’s important to have a plan. In other words, a practice routine even if it is very short.

You can play 20 minutes a day, 30, 1 hour, 2… The important thing is that you commit to doing it regularly. It is the only way to notice some progress in the short term.

Heat Before Playing

When you play the guitar, there will be chords, notes, stretches, or changes that will cost us more than others, and consequently, we may feel discomfort.

To avoid pain and also improve our technique, I recommend warming up with some mechanics and coordination exercises, this can be the first point in our practice routine.

Expand Your Knowledge Of Chords

When you see that you have mastered the chords that appear above, you can go to the  21 guitar chords post to play almost everything and thus learn a few more.

Learn To Play The Guitar With Your Favorite Songs

If you’ve followed the directions above, everything you see at this point won’t sound Chinese to you. Here you can start playing more popular songs and you can start to notice that your guitar is sounding better and better.

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