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Although it seems that many times the tips can be obvious, the reality is that several good ones are needed to be able to play the guitar. And now, in the situation we all find ourselves in, there may not be a better time to venture into a 6-string.

Millions of people, all over the world, decide daily to start playing the guitar, but the path is not usually easy. With the birth of new technologies, the use of platforms such as YouTube for learning is a constant in the user, who also needs to keep in mind some tips to enhance their journey.

And there is no better time than now. With the home isolation, we are experiencing, playing the guitar can become the best possible hobby. We offer you 10 tips to make this art your greatest hobby.

guitar playing tips 

Set Your Goal

We must listen to the authorities. To #StayHome, we could add #playingtheguitarra. The first thing to play is to ask yourself three questions: what? why? And for what?. The first includes the type of guitar you want to play, what your style is going to be like, or the music with which you feel identified.

Once this is decided, the next thing will be to answer the question why? The answers, in this aspect, are diverse but try to find the one that you identify with. And now is the best time. Undoubtedly.

And finally, know why you want to start playing the guitar. And at this time the answer is simple. But do not give up, even if there is time, it is not easy.


You always have to put passion into everything you do, and the guitar it’s a fundamental ingredient. Without that enthusiasm, which makes you get the best of yourself in any situation, you could give up the days of starting to play. #Istayhome with enthusiasm, and with the guitar as a companion.

Study Plan

Just as the best of navigators needs his road map to know the path to take, the same thing happens with the guitar. And there is nothing better to lean on than a daily study plan.


No one picks up a guitar for the first time in their life and becomes Jimmy Hendrix. Although on paper, playing the guitar may seem like something not extremely complicated, it has its complexity and your best friend will become patient. We know that everyone calls for patience now. The same thing happens with the guitar. Patience and perseverance.

Play It Again, Sam

This phrase is not ours, but repeat it in your head. She insists and when you get tired, insist again. #Stayhome practicing and testing rhythms and notes. Don’t give up and don’t give up.


Difficulties will always be there, trying to divert you from your path, but everything can be achieved if perseverance is applied. Try, change and try again. But don’t give up, because you will get it.

Try To Learn From Others

Listen. Listen to the other musicians who, like you, are just starting out in the wonderful world of the guitar in order to advance together. It is easier when you support and acquire knowledge from your counterpart, and you also lend him your notions.

Share Your Knowledge

Never hesitate to help a colleague. You yourself know everything you’ve had to sweat, the hours with your guitar under your arm learning that chord that escaped you every time you tried. That’s why #StayHome and teach my colleagues.


When you have managed to acquire a level with the guitar, when you spend that period of practice that everyone needs to get along with the instrument, do not relax. Keep playing and rehearsing is essential to perfect your style to continue the path.


After having read these lines, you are ready to start your adventure with the guitar. Remember everything you read because at some point you will need it, and never forget point ten, neither with the instrument nor in life in general. #Stayhome enjoying the guitar.

We hope you can take advantage of these 10 tips for these 15 days of isolation. At Musicopolix we have set out to bring everything you need to your learning home, but you stay home. Learn to play the guitar with these 10 tips that we present to you. Pay attention to all the advice, but stay especially with the last one. Enjoy the guitar, love the 6 strings as we do. And for whatever you need, our online store is available for you. We continue to cover your musical needs. But you, please, #Stayhome, at #Musicopolix we take care of the rest.

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