become a singer

Many young women and especially teenage girls dream of one day becoming a singer. But being in the limelight and living the high life like your idols isn’t for everyone. How to get there? How to become a real singer? We tell you everything!

Know that to become a singer of national or international fame, you must have talent. It is largely he who determines the extent of an artist’s musical career. Likewise, in addition to having a singular voice, you must have an attractive personality that will conquer the audience and ideally project a healthy image.

If you think you have all these qualities, here we give you 7 tips to realize yourself as an artist in song.

Work on your voice

Your voice may be sublime, it needs to be worked on to deliver to its full potential. It is essential to acquire good basic of vocal techniques and not to repeat for several years your faults which will become even more difficult to correct over time. To do this, you will need to take singing lessons. Several solutions are available to you. The most classic is to enroll in a conservatory or take group or private lessons with a singing teacher or a vocal coach. It’s up to you to choose the most suitable solution according to your budget and your availability.

Register for singing competitions

To help you start your singing career, you can try entering singing competitions. There is all year round everywhere in France. You will find on our site many casting announcements to participate in one of them. It will give you a stage experience and force you to get your stress under control. There is often a charge to register for these competitions, count between 10 and 30 euros.

To be at the top the day you go on stage, it may be useful to take some singing lessons beforehand to prepare yourself as well as possible. After all, you are moving to win! With luck, there will be in the room, in the jury, in the team of organizers maybe THE person who will launch your career …

Contact record companies

If you have a CD or demo of your talents, contact labels that might be interested in your musical style. Send them a mockup with 3 or 5 titles.

Do not hesitate to revive them by phone from time to time, but do not harass them because the record companies receive hundreds of demos per week.

Plan a few dozen hours and a good small budget for shipping costs.

The strategy can get you to sign a contract!


To promote yourself, use the Internet to promote yourself. Many singers have been discovered thanks to the web! Don’t hesitate to invest in community sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and of course, we where you can put your demos for free in your book. Play your tracks to whoever wants to hear them, don’t be afraid to showcase your work to the people you meet.

Create your network

Knowing how to weave your network is the secret of today’s singers. Do like them! It is customary to say that everyone knows each other in the music industry, it is a bit of an exaggeration but it is not wrong… To launch your career, you will have to widen your circle of contacts as much as possible. Take every opportunity to do so: Auditions, concerts, parties, performances, castings, mutual friends, etc. These contacts may be of use to you. They will allow you to find castings, collaborators, rooms in which to play and can introduce you to other people but also give you all the advice you need to launch your career in song.

Be curious

If you want to become a singer, you will have to be curious about everything related to this profession. Go to concerts, musicals, shows, also think of watching the clips on the music channels… A good singer is a complete singer who does not content herself with simply singing what is asked of her. By seeking to open up to the artistic world, you will find more inspiration for your compositions.

Find an agent

Once you’ve gained some credibility, turn to an art agent. He will represent you with record companies, labels, casting agents, production companies … He will take charge of your file and will be in charge of prospecting for you to find you singing castings, auditions for singers, scenes… for a commission of around 10% on your future fees.

If you are serious about breaking through and becoming a singer, you will need to surround yourself with the right people who can truly advance your career. You will therefore have to choose a professional capable of understanding your aspirations and giving you the right advice, but also showing patience because everything is not easy in the artistic world. In conclusion, still plan a plan B in case your career does not take off because, in music, there are many called for very few elected …

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