solving a riddle

Reading a riddle is fun and solving it makes it even more fun. Just as the name suggests, hard riddles are very tricky to solve especially when you do not have any tips on how to solve the riddle. Riddles are imaginary and fun. They have been that way for centuries. Although riddles have undergone some revolution, they still are a source of fun and they still play the same functions. Riddles are always tricky and if you cannot think creatively and critically, you might not be able to solve a riddle. It is fun to solve a riddle but without any skills, you might not be able to solve any riddle. Below are some of the ways through which you can solve hard riddles effectively.

  1. Learn about riddles

It is good to know the types of riddles that are there. There are two types of riddles. The enigma’s type of riddle and the conundrums type of riddle. It is good to know how both are structured and how both of them are asked. This will help you understand the riddle. After you have known the type of riddles, you have to know the rules of riddles. You should always remember that hard riddles will always try to trick you. You might have the right answer with you but try to dismiss it because you are not sure of it. That is how tricky riddles can be. After knowing that, you will know how to think, the direction to take, and how to do it.

  1. Try to find clues

A riddle usually has keywords. Every riddle will give you clues and keywords but in a manner that is tricky to identify. The first thing to solve that riddle successfully is by finding those possible clues in the riddle. You can also divide the clues. Look at the clues differently to come up with possible answers. For you to come up with the right clue, you have to sharpen your analytical skills. You can start by solving puzzles every day using brain games. They can be very helpful.

  1. Practice on the riddles that you already know

To know how to solve riddles, you have to practice as many times as possible. You can read so many riddles and try finding answers to the riddles. You can start by identifying the keywords then try to solve the riddle. There are so many collections of riddles that you can try to practice with. That way, you will have the skills and analytical skills on how to solve a riddle. You can also break the riddle into different sections and try solving them in separate parts. You can solve the riddles in so many ways depending on the way you understand the riddle.

  1. Consider all the possibilities

With a challenging riddle, there are so many possible answers and possible outcomes. You should try to consider all of them. This is after you have broken the riddles into different parts and trying to handle or solve them from separate angles. Because the riddle is tricky, you might find yourself ignoring the correct solution. Therefore, put more effort into your analytical skills to narrow down to the correct answer.

  1. Consider different strategies

Different strategies can be very helpful in solving a riddle. If you commit yourself to these strategies. You might end up finding the correct solution every time that you try to solve a riddle. Below are some of the strategies to follow when trying to solve a riddle

  • Use the snap strategy

This is a type of strategy that involves choosing one word in the riddle. You can think of other words that match that particular word. This matching words can be the best way to find a possible solution for the riddle.

  • The elimination process

This is also another very helpful strategy. After you have known the possible solution or have clues to the solution, you can start thinking over them one by one until you remain with the best solution.

  • Use of keywords

Riddles will always give you a clue in one way or another. You will find a keyword to the riddle that will act as the clue to hard riddles. Read or listen very carefully and pick a keyword from the riddle. This will be very helpful in solving the puzzle.

  • Try breaking the riddle into segments

This is also another useful strategy that can effectively help solve a puzzle. You can have the first part, the middle part, and the end part. The pieces can easily give you a lead to the answer or the solution to the riddle. You can decide to solve your riddle backward or start from the middle. As long as you have a clue about how you can solve the puzzle.


There are so many ways and there are so many techniques that one can use to solve a puzzle effectively. So many people have used these tactics and came up with the correct solution to a riddle. Riddles are not a walk in the park. For past centuries, riddles have been tricky and sometimes very hard to solve. If you do not have any tips on how to solve them, you might end up not being able to solve any of them.

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