music are used in advertising spots

Music in advertising spots is a very powerful element to build consumer loyalty. We review the types of music that are used.

When it comes to making an advertising spot, the chosen music plays a decisive role and will largely depend on whether consumers remember that spot. So important is music in advertising that there are hundreds of compilation websites and countless playlists on Spotify with music seen in advertising.

Music used in advertising

But when choosing one song or another, creatives, agencies, and advertisers face the dilemma of copyright, which in many cases does not allow the use of said song, either due to the artist’s reluctance or its exorbitant price.

That is why today, we will see the different alternatives that agencies choose when using music in advertising spots. We will see the difference between original songs, adaptations, covers, or library music, taking into account what will bring us to choose between one or the other and the costs that this may entail.

Original song

The original song, also called ‘Master’ or ‘Fono,’ is that music created by an artist or group used without any type of modification. The choice of artist and song is decided based on the effect that you want to cause on the consumer.

When choosing an original song, advertisers face several problems: Do I want to link a hit to my brand? Can that hit steal the spotlight from my spot? Do I want to use an unknown group? To be the first to exploit the theme? Should I use a song that talks about the theme of my spot? Is my target related to a specific style of music? Before choosing a song for the spot, you have to answer these questions to be clear about the criteria to follow.

Once we have chosen the song and the artist, we will have to see if we can afford the costs to exploit it commercially and pay the copyright, the rights of the owner of the masterpiece, and the phonographic producer’s rights. This is so because several companies are involved in the commercialization of the songs. These costs vary depending on the artist and the production companies promoting their songs.

Some song exceptions can be used without paying royalties; they are songs that have become public domain because they are very old, like classical music.


One of the most used options when choosing music for advertising spots is adapting an original song. This allows us to reduce the budget since we pay only for the copyright, and it is not necessary to cover the expenses of the production company.

The adaptation of an original song allows brands to use the melody but adapting the letter to the message you want to publish, but anyway, it is important to consider adequate when choosing this option questions; Is the tune known enough to be remembered? Do I use the tune from a new or well-known song? Is the tune so catchy that they won’t remember the product? Will I attract the consumer’s attention and connect with it? How do I adapt the lyrics to convey the message effectively? Do I write the lyrics in a humorous, sarcastic, or formal tone?

Once the type of song has been defined, the lyrics must be created to be impressive and transmit the message effectively. Then we must contact the artist and negotiate the copyright.

Bookstore music

Library music can also be used for music in spots. They are songs that we can find in public access libraries. They are free of copyrights and phonography. They are usually free or are paid for at a very low cost, with various services or sources to turn to. They have the disadvantage that they are not very personalized songs and it is difficult to find a song that conveys a specific message or that is known.

Normally this option is used when we have a little budget. It is ideal for background music in the advertisement that merely serves as an accompaniment to the product. With this, we run the risk that other brands use the same song in their spots.

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