Become A Professional Musician

Do you want to start your musical career on the right foot? Want to see your name in album credits, your band’s name in gigantic letters on festival posters, and hear your songs on the radio? You will find a few stones along the way to glory … here is a list of good habits to reach your goal faster.

  1. Talent without work is a bad habit

Do you want to be the next Satriani or Van Halen but your legacy and tapping technique leaves a lot to be desired? Are you a drummer and complicated mills make you desperate? It is not a reason to give up. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, regular practice and work with your instrument will help you progress.

  1. With time and patience, everything is possible

You rarely hit the first time with sophisticated grooves and complex chords. Patience ends up rewarding us. But for patience to reward us it is necessary to practice and repeat exercises until we are bored, it is the path that your idols have taken.

  1. Perseverance, the secret of all success

This leads us to another habit to keep in mind: perseverance. Set a goal and don’t give up. True professionals do not throw in the towel in the face of adversity, they take the bull by the horns. While some argue about the dissolution of the group, others seek solutions to continue moving forward.

  1. Accepting criticism is part of the art of progress

As a professional in the process, you must know how to accept criticism not only from your fellow musicians but also from the public. Professionals know how to use criticism and make it constructive, both from the press and from the fans, even in stupid SoundCloud comments.

  1. Always two. No more no less. The master and his apprentice

Having a mentor is often critical to progress. This is someone who has been through the goals you have now before and their advice will often be of great help. You know the way. And as follows? You already know: the apprentice surpasses the master.

  1. Aim for the moon to reach the stars

In terms of skill or music theory, there is always scope to discover new techniques. And not only that. A bit of team savoir-faire as well as legal, promotional, and commercial matters can go a long way throughout your career.

  1. Take care of your business (and your music)!

Your mother has told you over and over again! The professional musician is aware of the importance of his investments, as well as the care of his equipment, his work tool. We can apply the same to your compositions, you must protect yourself to obtain the status of the legal author of the work.

  1. He who warns is not a traitor

If you are prepared to rehearse, play live, and record, then think and act like a pro. And although we cannot predict everything, you will surely start on the right foot. Have you ever taken spare strings to a rehearsal? Replacement batteries for your wireless system at a concert? Then you are on the right track!

  1. Punctuality is the courtesy of kings

An indispensable virtue. By arriving on time you will show seriousness and professional ambition. It is a quality often overlooked by amateurs and it is not recommended to start in this business with a bad reputation.

  1. The passion for risk

Oh yes… and between exercises, rehearsals, and concert planning, you should always be ready to take risks. There is no need to jump from the top of a stage structure, but the public always likes to be surprised with an improvised solo, an open jam … Have your ace up your sleeve!

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