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5 Fun College Music Festivals

College Music Festivals

Many college students work hard all semester and need to blow off a little steam. If you are a college student, you may need to blow off a little steam during the semester or you may need a little boost or pep to help you through the year. This is why it can help to know some of the top music festivals in your college area. Indeed, each college will have its own music festival. It may not be the official music festival, but it may be the main one that all of the students go to during a certain time of year. Most music festivals happen during the summer when it is hot outside and it can be a lot of fun to let go and play in the mud for three or four days.

Here are five fun of college music festivals.

  1. Ivies Weekend

This is a music festival that happens every year in Brunswick, Maine and it is the go-to festival for students going to Bowdoin College. It is called Ivies, because it is really the main festival for the surrounding Ivy League colleges in the New England area. You don’t really need to go to Bowdoin to fit in during Ivies Weekend, which occurs during the early springtime.

  1. Spring Fling

If you are looking for another Ivy League music festival, you may want to check out Spring Fling, which happens at Yale, in New Haven, Connecticut. Spring Fling is one of the bigger college music festivals because it is located in an area that is easily accessible to a lot of different colleges. Indeed, you could be going to NYC or Columbia and still be able to attend this festival – all it would take is a quick train ride.

  1. Frozen Harbor

If you are going to University or another college in the area, you may want to attend the Frozen Harbor music festival. This festival is usually held in February – during the colder months of the year. This is why it is called Frozen Harbor – the water is usually ripe for ice-skating during this time of the fair.  Despite the cold, the Frozen Harbor music festival is generally one of the most fun college music festivals and it is relatively affordable to attend.

  1. W.I.L.D

The W.I.L.D music festival happens every year in the fall around St. Louis, Missouri. If you go to Washington University or another college in the area, you may attend this festival. What’s so fun about W.I.L.D? Despite its fun name, the W.I.L.D music festival is usually very well organized, so you get a mix of good food and great music. Some of the biggest acts of the last few years have made an appearance at this festival.

  1. Spring Fest

The is a music festival located around the USC campus, which makes it perfectly situated and close enough for college students from multiple different colleges, from Pepperdine in Malibu to UCLA and beyond. In the end, it isn’t so much the distance as it is about the music, and Spring Fest is known for booking some amazing acts.

Strain comparison guide- Red Thai vs. Red Bali


Kratom, a beverage that originated in South-East Asia, has gained a lot of popularity in recent times on the world stage. There are also speculations that it can replace tea and coffee as beverages as it is without considerable harmful effects. The effects that Kratom produces, ranging from increased energy to euphoria, calling it a recreational product would not be wrong.

Three types of Kratom are available in the market, based on the color of the vein present in the central stem. They can either be red, white, and green. All three of them have different efficacies. They are also divided according to the place of origin. This article intends to compare two red strains- the Red Thai and the Red Bali type.

The differences that exist between the Red Thai Kratom and the Red Bali strain can be attributed to the following parameters-


Although both are from SouthEast Asia, the Red Thai kratom has its origin in Thailand while the Red Bali has its source in Bali and Indonesia. Thus, the names of the Kratom gives a good idea about its origin.


A distinction between both the kratoms can be done based on its appearance. The Red Bali type is known to have larger leaves, and the plant also grows faster. When the Red Bali is made into a fine powder, it has a tinge of red color. It changes for Red Thai type as it has a hint of purple color in it’s powdered form. The aroma that emanates from the Red Thai is also unique, and it is mainly due to the presence of compounds like Speciocilinatine and Speciogynine.


Like most kratom strains, the Red Bali and the Red Thai have different effects on the users. The Red Bali mainly deals with psychological problems and has the ability to enhance the user’s mood and provide relief from pain and anxiety adequately. It also helps in relaxation and is very potent. The Red Thai has more physical implications. It fills the user with energy and also has stimulatory effects. People with chronic pain benefit greatly from the Red Thai strain.


The timing of effect and the duration of action may vary from person to person and may vary according to experience as well. The Red Bali starts functioning within 20 to 30 minutes and maybe potent for hours. On the other hand, the Red Thai has a faster onset at 10 minutes and can work for almost 8 hours.

Form of manufacture

This is one aspect that does not show much difference between the Red Thai and the Red Bali type. Both are available as powder and capsules and can be consumed with water or as a beverage with tea.

Now that the different properties of Red Thai and Red Bali have become clear, it is evident that the choice between them is based on the type of effect you want to procure from Kratom.

Benefits of increasing testosterone level in your body


Are you feeling frustrated because you are not able to enjoy your life at full potential being a male? This is a very common problem and a lot of males are facing similar problem therefore first of all stop feeling frustrated and try to find a solution. Your low esteem might be due to a number of reasons but the most common reason known generally is the low level of testosterone in your body. It is very important to maintain an adequate amount of testosterone in your body to make sure that you are having full energy to do normal activities of your lives. If your job demands some hard physical work or you are a body builder, then testogen is the product for you to bring the level of testosterone to above normal. We will discuss the benefits of using this product in detail.

Muscle growth:

These days, it is a big concern of males to look appealing and in order to achieve this the most important thing is to burn your fat and increase your muscle mass. Testogen helps you get this thing done easily because the ingredients in it are responsible for increasing the protein synthesis in your body and in turn building the muscles. When you intake a proper dose of testosterone boaster, you feel a better overall strength and your body starts breaking and recovering the muscles at a better pace with regular exercise. If you are a gym person, it is highly advised to take this natural supplement to increase the level of energy in your body which will be then converted to muscle mass.

Proper libido functioning:

Other than your looks, you also need to increase your strength and perform better in bed. Strength is improved with proper workouts but to perform these proper exercises you must have a good stamina. In order to increase the stamina, you should intake this drug with the advice of your doctor to get better results. It also helps to deal with erectile dysfunction.

Burning of body fat:

No one wants body fat accumulated. We try hard to burn the additional fat and for this we do a lot of exercises. When you have more testosterone level in your body, your fat will start burning because it will increase the metabolism process and you will start getting a better physique which will have much lesser fat. If you have a wish to get a lean body back, your testosterone level might be a hindrance and in order to get the desired results, you must first fulfill the body requirements of testosterone and then you can reduce weight easily.

Increased concentration level:

Concentration level is nothing independent, it is affected by a lot of things happening in your body. When your body has a low level of this hormone, you lose your concentration as well. Focus is affected and that is why you cannot perform a lot of tasks at your full potential. In order to make sure that your brain is properly coordinated with your body, you must maintain a good level of testosterone in your body and testogen can do this trick for you. Increasing the level of testosterone hormone in your body will bring radical changes and your concentration level will be restored.

Heart diseases:

Increased level of testosterone is also responsible for proper functioning of your heart. If you maintain the required quantity of this hormone in your body, your cardiovascular function will work just fine and you will stay away from heart diseases which are becoming very popular in males especially in younger ones.

Hair loss:

One very common symptom of decreased testosterone level in human body is the hair loss. If you are feeling hair loss more than normal, and this hormonal deficiency is the cause, then you can fulfill this deficiency with the use of testogen on a regular basis. Users of this product have reported that after a proper consumption of these capsules, they felt a significant increase in their hair growth. You can regard this as an additional benefit of using the medicine.

Stamina increase and overall energy of your body:

With proper diet and this drug, you can bring an equilibrium in your stamina which is long gone. Stamina is reduced with age but if you fulfill the body requirements, you can restore it easily. With proper dosage, you can make sure that you enjoy a better energy and strength in your body.

How do you get the benefits at their best?

You need to make sure that you are taking the authenticated drug with natural ingredients to get all the above mentioned benefits. If you do not buy the drug from authenticated website, you might not get the desired results and might also hurt yourself with the artificial ingredients present in them. In order to get the best results, make sure that:

  • You are working out properly
  • You are taking the actual and prescribed dosage from your doctor
  • You are not eating anything unhealthy

People complaint that they are not able to even do their daily routines in a proper way, if you are facing the same problem and you have to do a lot of effort to come out of bed every morning, this drug is for you and you can get all these benefits with a single dosage!

Tips to get pregnant – How to get pregnant naturally? How to prepare for pregnancy?


Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing to happen in a human life. A mother is reborn when she listens to the tiny heart beat the first time. She fondles her baby’s first kick and remembers she is never alone. A baby makes love stronger, days shorter, home happier and above all makes the future worth living for. There are many out there trying to get pregnant and enter the new world of happiness and joy.

Here are some tips to get pregnant. The guide helps to get prepared to get pregnant

How does pregnancy happen?

The reproductive cell of the man called the sperm has to fuse with the reproductive cell of the woman called the egg. They fuse together to form an egg. The egg implants on the walls of the uterus and starts to develop into a baby. The website explains the process of getting pregnant, women reproductive health, men reproductive health in detail.

Symptoms of early pregnancy

Seldom people tend to miss the early pregnancy symptoms. The symptoms are as follows:

  1. Nausea, vomiting
  2. Bloating
  3. Tiredness
  4. Swollen and tender breasts
  5. Missed cycles.

How to find the ovulating time or the right time?

Ovulation is the process when the egg is released from the ovaries. The eggs travel through the fallopian tube (the tube connecting ovaries and uterus) and reach uterus. The fusion of sperm and eggs form in the fallopian tube.

The following things should be noted to find the right ovulating time:

  1. Observe the length of the menstrual cycle. For some it is around 26 to 28 days and for the rest it is around 30 days.
  2. Ovulation occurs around 10 to 16 days before the cycle starts.
  3. The cervical mucus is more slippery at the time of ovulation. It is wetter and clearer.
  4. There is rise in body temperature at the time of ovulation
  5. One can also use predictor kits. The kits measure the level of hormones in the urine and can predict the ovulation period.

How long does a sperm live?

The sperm lives for 5 days after it enters the woman’s body. Therefore, even if the couple miss the accurate ovulating time, there are chances of positive results.

How to improve the health of the sperm?

  1. Avoid smoking. Too much smoking can even lead to impotency
  2. Keep the weight under control
  3. Avoid contact with pollution especially with toxins like pesticides and heavy metals
  4. Limit the consumption of alcohol.
  5. Be relaxed and tension free. Meditate to calm down and stay peaceful and happy.

How to increase the chances of getting pregnant?

  1. The first and foremost criteria to get pregnant is for both the partners to stay healthy.
  2. Medical conditions like asthma, obesity, diabetes affect pregnancy
  3. More than 80% of the couple can conceive within a year provided
    1. They do not use contraceptive pills
    2. Have intercourse regularly (once in 3 days)
  4. Being over weight and under weight affects the chances of getting pregnant. This is because it affects the regularity and consistency of the menstrual cycle which is the root of conception. The BMI should be as follows
    1. Men – less than 30
    2. Women – less than 30 and more than 19
  5. Smoking and drinking also affect pregnancies

How long does it take to get pregnant?

It is impossible to say a specific time line. It is different for different women. There are other factors that influence the chances of conceiving. They are

  1. Age – Chances are less if the women is nearing her puberty
  2. General health
  3. Reproductive health
  4. Good sex life. To learn about improving sex life visit the website.

What are the fertility factors that affect pregnancy?

  1. Hormonal disorder like poly cystic ovaries, hypothyroid or hyperthyroid conditions
  2. Obesity and excessive exercises
  3. Blockages in fallopian tubes, Endometriosis
  4. Low sperm count. Less mobility of sperm

How soon can the pregnancy be tested?

Pregnancy tests are reliable from the first day of missed period. If one is not sure about the date, it is good to wait at least for 3 weeks. The pregnancy kits check for the pregnancy hormone HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin in urine. This hormone is produced only after the baby is conceived. For some the levels can be minimal at the beginning stages for the kits to diagnose it wrong. So, it is advisable to wait for a 2 to 3 weeks after the cycle is skipped.

Are home pregnancy kits accurate?

Yes. The kits are accurate as long as the user follows the instructions correct. Increased alcohol levels in the blood will result in wrong results. Never make the test too early. Wait for the right time.

What is the diet to be followed during pregnancy?

A healthy diet is the most important factor while planning a pregnancy. Here are some of the healthy diet for the mother and baby to stay healthy

  1. No need to eat for two. It is fact that pregnant ladies are hungrier than usual. Even if she is expecting twins a healthy balanced stomach filling diet would suffice
  2. Have healthy and nutritious breakfast every day.
  3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. They help in digestion and prevent constipation. Eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables every day. It includes dried, canned, juiced, fresh and frozen.
  4. Carbohydrates are important source of energy during pregnancy. Have starchy foods. It includes maize, millet, pasta, noodles, chips, oats, millet, bread, yams, etc.
  5. Diary products like milk, cheese, yogurt is must to be included in every day diet.
  6. Include protein rich foods like pulses, fish, eggs, beans and meat. Avoid eating raw or partially cooked eggs.
  7. Avoid foods that are rich in sugar. Sugar is converted to glucose and fat. Rather than sugar one can have more starchy foods.

Visit the website to learn what not to eat during pregnancy.

Glazing and Glass Options


When you have insulated your floors, ceiling, and walls, the next thing which might cause heat loss is likely going to be windows and other glazings such as glass doors and skylights. More houses are beginning to embrace the double and secondary glazing as new ways of combating heat loss.

Double glazing or secondary glazing is likely going to make a big difference to the comfort levels in your house. When you combine it with insulation in the ceilings, walls, and floor, double glazing your windows and doors will help in reducing heat loss, cooling and heating costs, and condensation on the glass.

The investment might be worthwhile, a healthier, warmer, quieter home with power bills which are lower. There are several things which you need to consider with your designer, builder, or the window supplier about which is the best option.

Making the right glazing decisions

When you make the right glazing choices, it is going to help in ensuring that your home becomes more comfortable in both cold and hot weather whether you are renovating or building a new home.

You will have to consider retrofitting secondary glazing to the existing windows or replacing the existing windows with the double glazed windows. The orientation and amount of glazing for your home will largely depend on the microclimate and climate of your site. Temperature, wind, sun angles, and its proximity to the coast will influence the decisions in regard to type, size, and the placement of the areas to be glazed.

There are various glazing options which are available with some keeping the heat inside while others keep the noise, heat, light, and glare out. If you are replacing door frames or windows or building new ones, and want to glaze, there will be a need to choose the right frames as this will be able to help in getting quality performance out of the skylight, windows and glazed doors.

Glass options

There are a variety of glasses which are available for triple and double glazing other than the standard clear one, which includes:

  • Low emissivity glass at times referred to as glass that is low-E which lets heat and light in but at the same time, prevents the heat from escaping.
  • Laminated glass which consists of two glass sheets which are bonded with a resin or plastic layer. It has the ability to absorb the ultraviolet rays together with some heat and it could be the best when you want to reduce noise. When it is hit, the glass tends to be held together by the resin layer.
  • Reflective glass, spectrally selective glass and tinted glass which reduce the amount of light and heat which can be able to get in, and thus, it is the best when you want to keep the summer heat out. The treatment type of the glass will determine whether radiant heat/infrared light, ultraviolet light, or visible light will be filtered out. The ultraviolet light tends to cause fading.
  • Toughened glass tends to be much stronger as compared to the standard glass. It is a glass which is designed to withstand the direct impacts and at the same time, if broken, shatter into small chunks.

What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing comprises of three panels which are normally separated by air gaps to be able to provide high levels of noise reduction and heat retention. It is the best option for very cold or very noise localities but it tends to be extremely expensive.

Insulated glazing units and reduction of noise

When it comes to noise, glass is the weakest barrier in a building. When you use the standard double glazing, it will provide little improvement to single glazing for most of the existing sound frequencies but might not work for low noise frequencies.

Triple glazing tends to be better. So if your problem is noise, you can use a laminated glass combined with thicker glass. There are some laminated glasses which come with a thicker acoustic inside layer which increases the air gap in the double glazing design.

When you open the window, it will increase the levels of noise and thus, you will have to consider the best way in which to manage the ventilation if you are having an issue with the noise from outside. Alternatively, you can consider going for secondary glazing which can be a better option for being able to block the noise from outside.

Secondary glazing and other options

Secondary glazing means that you are going to insert a second glass pane or acrylic beside the existing window frame thereby creating an air gap in between the panes. It tends to be an alternative to the windows which are double glazed. You can keep the structural features and the timber reveals of the window. You will need to check with a professional from a reliable company such as VidroGroup to find out if the option is right for you.

You have an option of choosing the glass that is low-E or the tinted glass to do your secondary glazing and using different systems, you can be able to exchange the insect screens panes which are placed on the windows during summer time.

It is generally cheaper to use secondary glazing and the glass or acrylic of the secondary glazed systems tends to perform even better in some types of double glazing. But there are some types which are visually intrusive and can end up reducing the space on the window sill.