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Independent music proposals for October 2021 from Acoustic. Great music, jazz, pop, and trap. Meet artists Liz Forte, Gizelle, Nebraska, Besmaya, and García Picasso.

Do you know Acoustic? It is the Spanish start-up that makes independent music visible. A community of musicians and fans facilitates consumption and brings the most alternative music closer. It serves as a link and helps create agreements that promote its broadcast and live consumption in different spaces. It is known by all that unity is strength and Acqustic brings together a highly segmented market. As on other occasions, discover the 5 independent music proposals for this month of October.

Liz Forte. The most ragged urban and melancholic pop of the Acoustic music community

Acoustic independent music

Liz Forte is a young man from Madrid who flows between trap, urban pop, and rap. He presented his first Ep, ‘Caro’, in 2019 and is currently one of the most popular new artists on the Spanish urban scene. Liz Forte is bursting with creativity and poses a unique professional project. ‘Joven Chulo Triste’ (2021) is his last full-length work and the title speaks for itself. It is a compilation of nostalgic lyrics about catchy melodies that serve as a mirror for the new generations and their feelings. In addition, he has collaborated with important producers on the scene such as D3llano or Marmol to find a simple but effective sound with a production inspired by rock and trap. However, the artist has also explored other genres such as rap in ‘Anxiety’, his latest EP. A darker and raw sound reminiscent of Natos and War and that is far from the dancehall style of their LP ‘Joven Chulo Triste’. In addition, on October 28 she presents her new song, ‘Britney’, and it is more than likely that she will surprise us again.

Gizelle. A very emotional R&B proposal in Spanish

Gizelle is a young artist from Barcelona who understands music as the art of transmitting feelings, thanks also to the interpretation of her video clips. His project fuses R&B with jazz, pop, and indie in a very natural way. Gizelle is immersed in the release of her first EP with the release of several singles this year. With Lana del Rey or Jorja Smith as inspirations, he has in hand a conceptual work that began with the theme ‘Las Que Querías’. A nostalgic song that tells the end of a past romantic love story. Then he continued with ‘Refugiandomentí’ and with ‘Signed With Time’. Two songs show a more vulnerable Gizelle than the empowered one from ‘Las Que Querías’. Topics that narrate the process of mourning, overcoming, and healing a failed relationship. Now, the singer has just presented with you Slowly’. The 4th preview of their first Ep and the most romantic song to date. An organic and simple theme that reveals new emotions and feelings of the life process that will be told in its first compilation.

Nebraska. The perfect country-rock band for road trips

Nebraska is a band from Madrid that emerged in 2017 with a very particular style. Currently, they are postulated as another of the faces of  Spanish folk with elaborate melodies and vocal harmonies with a very marked style. A proposal that has passed through some of the most important rooms in the capital such as Joy Eslava, Galileo Galilei, Ochoymedio, or the Círculo de Bellas Artes. In 2018 they presented their first full-length album, ‘Las Aventuras de Todos Parte’, which they presented on a national tour. In 2021 they have collaborated with the dale candela association to support the fight against ALS. However, his latest release is ‘The Function’. A song that recalls the great anthems of American bands that are our soundtrack when traveling hundreds of kilometers. An epic track with folk overtones and highly noticeable rock vocal arrangements. A very careful production that confirms and makes clear the quality leap of the band. A whole intrapersonal journey that speaks of uprooting, the path, and the flow of life.

Besmaya. The indie duo that grows frantically in Spain

Besmaya is another of Acoustic’s independent music proposals for this month of October. A musical duo formed by Javier Echavarri and Javier Ojanguren, two friends from Barcelona and San Sebastián. It is a self-produced proposal that comes after several experiences in other bands. Through digital percussion and guitar, they have found their style that renews Spanish pop using synthesizers and computer-generated sounds. Their most popular song is ‘Cuerda Auxiliary and with only 5 songs on Spotify, they accumulate more than 890,000 plays.

Now they present ‘Matar la Pena, a song with the Barcelona band  Malmö 040 that will premiere on October 22. It speaks of nostalgia, the boredom of the routine, or the monotony mixing the rockiest sound of Malmö 040with the Besmaya digital base. Malmö 040 presented this year its latest EP, ‘Last Assault’. A very complete pop-rock musical exercise that confirms the gap that the Barcelona band has made in the Spanish music scene. They created the band in 2016 and they did not stop touring through clubs throughout Barcelona since 2017. ‘Matar la Pena, the Malmö song 040 in collaboration with Besmaya is a song featuring the voices of both artists on a musical basis formed for guitars, drums, and keys. A song is reminiscent of pop-punk in which we find daring arrangements such as vocoders or 808 basses that fuse the very particular style of both artists.

García Picasso. An eclectic exercise in unlimited freedom

García Picasso is an artist who has moved between Berlin and Granada since 2015 with a professional genderless music project. His artistic character was born out of the need to reunite with his roots. And defends the obsolescence of genres both in life and in music. García Picasso fuses apparently disparate genres such as flamenco, disco, or electronic independent music and has performed at European festivals such as the Melt Festival or the Fib. He has also collaborated with artists such as Kid Simius or Kilnamana. In addition, with cultural references such as Frida Kahlo, David Bowie, or Pablo Picasso, the artist opts for an aesthetic that is also genderless that allows him to freely express himself and explore new masculinities.

His latest release, ‘Beso Pagao’, is the collaboration with artist Vinila Von Bismark. A song with a message of equality that turns around the traditional gender roles established by society. Now, García Picasso announces his debut EP, ‘Color de G genre’, which will be available this October 27. That together forms a genreless pop work. A project with deep and introspective lyrics in which the singer reflects the spirit of a generation that remains far from home. In addition, the EP will be published along with two video clips, a live performance of the song ‘Pobre Ferrari’, and some earrings. Currently, the artist is also immersed in the production of his first studio album, ‘Color de Época’.

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