What is indie music?

Indie music is a type of music that does not rely on the financial support of record labels. This means that indie musicians are able to produce and distribute their work without major outside interference, lending an air of authenticity to the music. Indie musicians typically make money by selling albums directly to fans or through live performances at concerts and festivals. The freedom afforded by this independence has allowed many successful bands like Arcade Fire, Spoon, Death Cab for Cutie, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys and more to achieve great success despite never signing with a major label.

What is indie music?

The term ‘indie’ comes from independent, which refers to anything not reliant on another entity for its existence; in other words, it’s something that exists independently without depending on any other thing or person for its existence. In the case of music, ‘indie’ refers to a genre of music that’s not reliant on a major record label for support or distribution. Aside from not having to answer to anyone else about their art, indie musicians – bands and solo artists – have found it easier to gain exposure since they do not have a big company to back them.

How would you describe indie music?

Indie music is a type of alternative rock music originating during the early 1980s in the United Kingdom. Indie musicians are typically very ‘DIY’ (do it yourself), which means they can work without much outside help or financial support. Since their music is not tied to one record label, many indie artists focus on releasing their albums and touring to make money.

Difference between Indie music and mainstream music

Indie musicians are much more concerned with expressing themselves creatively than they are with earning a significant amount of money, unlike the artists that work under major record companies. This gives them the freedom to produce music without feeling like their artistic integrity is being compromised by corporate interests.

How to sing indie music?

If you want to sing indie music, then learn how to play an instrument like the guitar or the piano. This will give you a much better understanding of how indie songs are composed and allow you to contribute ideas for your own songs. Since indie musicians typically perform their own songs, being able to accompany yourself on either one of these instruments will greatly improve your chances of landing a gig or two in the indie music scene.

What does good indie rock sound like?

Every genre has its own standards for what constitutes ‘good’ or ‘bad’. For example, someone who prefers pop music might tell you that anyone who sounds like Adele is automatically classified as a ‘good’ singer, while someone who enjoys indie music might tell you that only Arcade Fire is considered ‘good’ by their standards. You can think of indie rock as a sub-genre of alternative rock, so songs in this genre typically fall under the following categories:

Ambient – Lots of drum beats and instruments layered over each other to create an atmospheric effect.

Art rock – Songs with a lot of attention to the structure and arrangement, often characterized by intricate melodies and odd time signatures.

Dream pop – A form of indie music that merges a traditional indie sound with dreamy sonic effects like reverb or echo.


Since indie music is not centered on making money, the musicians have more freedom to explore their craft. This usually results in a unique sound that comes from being outside the restrictions placed by working under a major record label. In addition, great indie bands can communicate well with their fans since many are self-managed or independent artists.

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