add music to Facebook stories

Are you looking for how to add music to your Facebook stories? If yes, this is the perfect place. Nowadays, to make a professional video and upload them on your Facebook page, adding music is the most preferred one by Facebookers. Adding music allows us to show our creativity and can leave a long-lasting memory for people.

Steps to add music to Facebook stories:

music on Facebook stories

Download music from YouTube or any other site. You can search on Google at your will. Make sure you choose the one that is allowed to download and use in a personal video.

Add the downloaded music to a new video in a multimedia platform like Windows Moviemaker, etc. Adjust the volume of music and background vocals in the movie. Add some extra video effects if you want to. You can also add your own texts or subtitles.

Export the file in MP4 format, set up a new Facebook story. And upload it on the Facebook page by sharing it with your friends.

Special features of the Facebook story:

The special features of the Facebook story are as follows:

  1. The time limit is 15 seconds only.
  2. The size of an MP4 file can be up to 1GB, which means you cannot upload large videos in the Facebook story section.
  3. People can view your Facebook story for 24 hours only before it gets deleted automatically.
  4. You cannot download the Facebook story and only view it while browsing your timeline or your friend’s timeline.
  5. Only one Facebook story can be added in a day by a person. Adding more than one Facebook story in a day is not allowed and will create problems while adding new stories on future days.
  6. There is no option to switch camera lenses, and only the front lens of the phone can be used while recording a video.
  7. The background music cannot exceed more than 95 decibels in volume levels when you upload it on the Facebook story.
  8. You cannot upload your personal videos or duplicate Facebook stories, and it will automatically get deleted from the timeline after 24 hours if you post it twice.
  9. To view a video on a mobile device, click on the three dots icon, which appears at the bottom right corner of the video, and click the “Download Video” option to save it.
  10. By default, Facebook overwrites the previous video you uploaded on your timeline story with the new one if there are two videos of the same nature in your timeline story. You can turn off this feature by clicking the “…” icon at the top right corner and unchecking “Overwrite Old Videos.” This will help you keep the old video and make a new one.

You can add up to 20 photos along with one video (15 seconds) in a single post. It is designed for mobile-oriented and comes with an easy-to-use interface. The videos will be visible for only 24 hours unless you choose to make them public.

So, this way, we can say how to add music to Facebook Stories. Just follow the above steps and make some awesome videos on Facebook. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will provide an answer at the earliest!

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