Kratom, a beverage that originated in South-East Asia, has gained a lot of popularity in recent times on the world stage. There are also speculations that it can replace tea and coffee as beverages as it is without considerable harmful effects. The effects that Kratom produces, ranging from increased energy to euphoria, calling it a recreational product would not be wrong.

Three types of Kratom are available in the market, based on the color of the vein present in the central stem. They can either be red, white, and green. All three of them have different efficacies. They are also divided according to the place of origin. This article intends to compare two red strains- the Red Thai and the Red Bali type.

The differences that exist between the Red Thai Kratom and the Red Bali strain can be attributed to the following parameters-


Although both are from SouthEast Asia, the Red Thai kratom has its origin in Thailand while the Red Bali has its source in Bali and Indonesia. Thus, the names of the Kratom gives a good idea about its origin.


A distinction between both the kratoms can be done based on its appearance. The Red Bali type is known to have larger leaves, and the plant also grows faster. When the Red Bali is made into a fine powder, it has a tinge of red color. It changes for Red Thai type as it has a hint of purple color in it’s powdered form. The aroma that emanates from the Red Thai is also unique, and it is mainly due to the presence of compounds like Speciocilinatine and Speciogynine.


Like most kratom strains, the Red Bali and the Red Thai have different effects on the users. The Red Bali mainly deals with psychological problems and has the ability to enhance the user’s mood and provide relief from pain and anxiety adequately. It also helps in relaxation and is very potent. The Red Thai has more physical implications. It fills the user with energy and also has stimulatory effects. People with chronic pain benefit greatly from the Red Thai strain.


The timing of effect and the duration of action may vary from person to person and may vary according to experience as well. The Red Bali starts functioning within 20 to 30 minutes and maybe potent for hours. On the other hand, the Red Thai has a faster onset at 10 minutes and can work for almost 8 hours.

Form of manufacture

This is one aspect that does not show much difference between the Red Thai and the Red Bali type. Both are available as powder and capsules and can be consumed with water or as a beverage with tea.

Now that the different properties of Red Thai and Red Bali have become clear, it is evident that the choice between them is based on the type of effect you want to procure from Kratom.

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